Spring naar inhoud

“We citizens of Europe want PEACE”

Op Paaszondagochtend niet kunnen slapen vanwege verkoudheid en dan maar een filmpje knutselen. Met footage die ik gevonden heb op Pixabay en muziek van Free Music Archive.

Music: Podington Bear @ freemusicarchive.org
Video footage: several artists on Pixabay.org
Voice: Google Translate

This is a message for all leaders,
governments and parliaments
in Europe.

We, citizens of Europe
do not want war and the
inflammatory language of our
governments is not ours.

We want PEACE with Russia.

For our children, our grandchildren
and for each other.

Russia is our good neighbor.
We share the same history,
the same continent and our
languages ​​and cultures are
related to each other.

We do not need a war.

We want our governments to
stop blaming each other,
stop accusing each other and
stop challenging each other to
violence and war.

We, the citizens of Europe,
have never chosen our
parliaments and
our governments
to unleash enmity with
other countries and other

governments and leaders,
and therefore they do not have
the mandate to lead us all into war.

We want our governments to start
peaceful dialogue with each other,
with the aim of properly identifying
all problems and deciding
to come to unanimity.

We, citizens of Europe,
are of all denominations,
all backgrounds and
all movements with
one common demand.

We want PEACE between Europe and Russia.

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